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Founded in 2016, Today’s Android is Android website with reviews, news, and more. We are an international team of 4 editors and our heart beats for Android! We write for readers around the world with editorial offices for Germany, America, England, Spain, France, and India.

Our mission is simple: we want to help you simplify and enjoy your everyday life and your life with Android. This means that we keep you up to date on new smartphones and apps and help you buy the right things when you need them. And if you have bought an app for your Android device, we show you useful tips and assistance, alongside with regular news updates.

No matter if you’re looking for rumors about an exciting device, detailed reviews, app recommendations, or tips for Android, is there for you.

Our website has been designed to be easy to use on devices of any screen size – from computers to tablets to smartphones. In addition, we are also available in Google News App (iOS, Android) that allows you to access Today’s Android while on the road. So that you do not miss anything, you should also subscribe to our free newsletter. So do not miss the best new apps, practical tips, and tricks, hot rumors about new smartphones and everything Android.

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